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The Jedi Order Jedi_1
There is no death, there is the Force.

Guardians of peace and justice through the galaxy, The Jedi Order is known throughout civilizations as heroes and protectors. They are disciples of The Force, servants to it's will who seek to use it to aid ailing worlds. After the collapse of all major Force organizations during The Galactic Inquisition in 177 ABY, it was believed that the Jedi Order and it’s teaching were gone forever. A few surviving Jedi fled to the fringes of the known universe, seeking a place to center and find the will of the Force once again. A human named Cain Isolder found asylum on the frozen world of Zian, where the local government sheltered young Force sensitives. With the aid of the world, Cain soon began construction on a new Jedi temple and other followers of the light sought it out.
The Jedi Order Jedi1
In the early days of the new order, tension rose concerning the role the Jedi would play in a new galaxy. With the completion of the New Jedi Temple, Isolder was named Jedi Grandmaster and cautioned the order with patience. This time marked an expansion on Zian, as the Order prospered with new recruits from across a galaxy without the Jedi. When the Sith revealed their growing Empire on Angkor, the council was quick to send the Grandmaster to meet with the new Emperor of the Dark Side. To the shock of the galaxy, the pair brokered a treaty between the groups, and the Jedi and Sith both retreated to their worlds to grow uninterrupted. The Jedi Order  strives to help the helpless, protect the weak, and heal a war-torn universe.


In all corners of the galaxy, the Force flows through creatures who seek the good in the galaxy. All Jedi have their own belief, their own view, even their own use of the Force, but they are all united in their pursuit of justice and truth. On the icy world of Zian, the Jedi Order is housed in the New Jedi Temple. Jedi recruits are found on SixStar Station and then brought to the Temple to begin their journey in the Force.

Become a Jedi Padawan!
Find a Jedi Master for Training


Jedi Padawan
The Jedi Order Jedipadawanmale The Jedi Order Jedipadawanfemale
Jedi Padwans are recent recruits to the Jedi Order. They train under the tutelage of all Jedi and their time is spent in training, research, and duties through the New Jedi Temple. Padwans may seek a Jedi to train them at the Jedi Training Chamber, but first they must prove themselves. Recruits are suggested to participate in roleplays or posting in the Celestial Lore section, expand their character biography, and meet other members on the site to gain the prestige needed to find a Master.

Jedi Apprentice
The Jedi Order Jediapprenticemale The Jedi Order Jediapprenticefemale
Under the training of a Master, Jedi Apprentice are more advanced students of the Force. They follow the guidance of their Master and superiors, carrying out missions throughout the galaxy. An Apprentice must complete a minimum of two missions assigned by a superior and one duel roleplay to be knighted. The Apprentice must complete a designated Trial of Skill, provided by their master, where the Apprentice must succeed in a difficult task or mission.

Jedi Steward
The Jedi Order Jedistewardmale The Jedi Order Jedistewardfemale
When an Apprentice completes their training, they are knighted in Sanctuary of the Force and become a Steward of the Order. This is an important time when a Jedi must proclaim denotation to a Jedi Class or specialization. A Steward works in service to the Legion of Light, Sunriders, or a personal journey that shapes their path. Before being accepted by a group, a Steward must complete two assigned missions, aid in the training of an apprentice, and complete a Trial of Courage. The Jedi Class will give the Steward a dangerous and deadly assignment, proving their valor and devotion to their Jedi values.

Jedi Knight
The Jedi Order Jediknightmale The Jedi Order Jediknightfemale_1
Upon acceptance of a Jedi Class, a Jedi is knighted. At this time, Jedi may begin to take their own apprentice to train. A Jedi Knight are the agents of the Order, growing and strengthening the Force throughout the galaxy. A Knight must complete a minimum of four missions and train at least one apprentice before being promoted. The final challenge for a Jedi Knight is the Trial of the Flesh, where they must endure a great hardship; physically, mentally, and/or spiritually.

Jedi Guardian/Counselor
The Jedi Order Jediguardianmale The Jedi Order Jediguardianfemale
The Jedi Order Jedicounselormale The Jedi Order Jedicounselorfemale
Specialists of the Jedi Order, the Guardians are warriors who devote themselves to lightsaber combat and the physical world, while the Jedi Counselor focuses their strengths on the Force. A Guardian or Counselor have grown in their Class, as well, gaining more responsibilities for the Order. These Jedi are expected to be active in Order missions, training, and other activities. They must train two apprentices and complete the Trial of the Spirit, the final and most dangerous of the Jedi Trials. The Guardians and Counselors must confront the darkness within themselves, with the expectation they will defeat it and be prepared for the role of a Jedi Master.

Jedi Master
The Jedi Order Jedimastermale The Jedi Order Jedimasterpng
The highest, non-selected rank with the Jedi Order, Jedi Masters are the pinnacle of wisdom, valor, and heroism. Most of their time is spent in training, meditation, and pursuit of knowledge. Jedi Masters lead missions throughout the galaxy, bringing the light of the Jedi Order to the dark places.

Jedi Grandmaster
The Jedi Order Jedigrandmastermale The Jedi Order Jedigrandmasterfemale
The leader of the Jedi Order. Each Jedi Grandmaster is unique, as is their leadership style, but the Grandmaster creates and shapes the path the Jedi Order takes. This rank can only be elected by a majority rule of the Jedi Masters.

The Jedi Order Classes

Legion of Light

The Force is my guide.
The Force is my peace.
The Force is my spirit.
The Force is my weapon.
The Force is my light.

The Legion of Light is the peacekeeping force of the Jedi Order. Most Jedi Guardians find their path leads to the Legion where they can use their skills as a warrior to protect the innocent. Based in New Aurora, a city made deep within the frozen caves of Zian, the Legion defend the Order and seek justice through the galaxy. The Legion of Light provides the military support and defense needed to sustain the Jedi Order in the far Outer Rim. Many in the Legion strive to use the light to defeat and destroy the dark and it's minions, and in times of peace carefully protect.

Request to join the Legion of Light here!

Jedi Sunrider

The Force is the universal heartbeat, the order made in chaos, the sunshine birthing shadows. It is in all things and it is everything. There is no light. There is no dark.
There is only The Force.

Named in honor of the ancient Jedi Knight Nomi Sunrider, the group of Jedi called Sunriders believe in a complete view of the Force. Nearly all members do not follow the restrictions of the Light Side and Dark Side, but focus their studies and beliefs in all aspects of the Force. Jedi Counselor often find themselves belonging to this class, learning to grow in their powers of the Force to use to heal the galaxy, discover new powers, and extend the reach of the Order.

Request to join the Jedi Sunriders here!

SixStar Station - Join the Jedi Order here
The New Jedi Temple
Arcadia - Jedi Capital City
New Aurora - Legion of Light City
Aalur - Jedi Sunrider City
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