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The New Jedi Temple Empty The New Jedi Temple

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The New Jedi Temple Newjeditemple

When the Jedi Order began to rebuild after the Galactic Inquisition, they found a new home on the cold world of Zian. Under the guidance of Grandmaster Cain Isolder, construction began on a New Jedi Temple to house the hidden, but growing, Jedi Order. The New Jedi Temple is housed on the mountains overlooking Arcadia, the capital city of Zian, and has grown to become a sanctuary for those seeking to heal and help the galaxy. Many of the old traditions of the Jedi still are honored here, but the Order has also grown and adapted to their new role in the galaxy. The Jedi seek a deeper understanding of the Force, using it's power to help the innocent wherever they can. With the growing Sith Empire, many Jedi come to the Temple to center themselves from the growing influence of the Dark Side. Jedi are given living quarters within the Temple and most of the trainings of Padawans and Apprentices take place here.
The New Jedi Temple Jedi_2

Sanctuary of the Force
Jedi Training Chamber
Temple Hanger and Training Wing
Room of the Silent Fountain
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