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Jedi Training Chamber Jeditraining

Where Padawans may seek a teacher to begin their journey as a Jedi. The Jedi Training Chamber is a highly advanced chamber into the New Jedi Temple, filled with obstacles, training simulations, droid combatants, and more. Another section of the training center is the research stations with equipped holoterminals connected to the Jedi archives.
Jedi Training Chamber Holonettraining
Jedi members may use this thread to find a Master or Apprentice. A Jedi must be accepted into the Order before beginning training. Any Jedi ranked Jedi Knight or higher can teach a specific lesson, look for a training Jedi to take on a mission, or find their own Jedi Apprentice to train. A pairing must be approved by a Jedi Master or Grandmaster. In-character requests are asked to be limited to a single post for the character's entrance, questions, and/or request, until you receive an in-character reply. Out-of-character requests are asked to follow the guideline provided below. Jedi Padawans are advised to take an active role on the site, join roleplays and discussions, and get to know other members to increase their chance for approval.

Request Template
Character Name:
Birth Year:
Character Description/Biography: Minimum of two sentences.
Roleplays: Link all roleplays your character has taken place in here.

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