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The Siren Song Empty The Siren Song

Post by Roan Kenari on Thu Sep 19, 2019 8:38 pm


The blaster at his side may have been fake, but he knew it was enough to deter most unwanted attention in a seedy cantina like this. Silas had modeled it after D-18 pistol and it had all the notable markings of the slim weapon, though closer inspection would reveal it was only a few broken hydrospanners and the spare parts from some power couplings fused together. He had every intention of purchasing some type of weapon before traveling to Chandrila, but after buying passage on a cargo freighter and with the past two nights of unfortunate sabacc hands, he couldn't afford to spend the credits. If this endless exile continued much longer, Silas Lastorm would be out of money.

Security wasn't top priority for most when traveling to a peaceful world in the Core like Chandrila, but Silas had a particular gift of finding the most sordid, rough, and perilous cantinas and back alleys of the galaxy. He looked down at his chrono again, tapping his fingers faster on the dirty bar, making one more scan of the rough place. He had drawn his hood before leaving the ship and his blue and tan tunics blended in with the vibrant colors glowing from the holos from the ceiling

He could feel the cylinder underneath his robes growing warmer, but he knew it was only his imagination. He had obtained the vial over a month ago and there had been no change to the plant inside since then, he was just being paranoid. Traveling with Monotropa Triflora wasn't illegal or dangerous necessarily, but he knew it was worth enough credits that it should be kept out of sight in a place like this. When Silas finally got up from the bar and sat down at the shadowy booth in the corner, he had to squeeze in to fit since the wookie across from him took up most of the table.

"Doesn't that bowcaster draw some strange looks on a planet like this?" Silas said. The wookie cocked its head for a moment. Silas wasn't sure why he was making small talk, especially since he was never any good at it. The wookie roared in shyriiwook and the small talk quickly ended. "Yes, I have what you're looking for." The wookie grunted. "There was a problem with the first removal process, but I perfected it on my next attempt. Exposure to light causes the plan..." The wookie growled and Silas got quiet for a moment. He took a quick look across the bar, feeling a bit of pressure building at the base of his skull."I can hand it over once the credits are in my account." This time the wookie was silent as it stared at Silas intently and the weight of the massive creature carried in it’s gaze. Another growl, this one was less aggressive than the others, carrying more concern. "Well, I can't let you see it. Now, I understand but as I was saying, exposure to light will kill the plant, so it must remain in it's container until in complete darkness." The wookie said a few things Silas didn't understand, but he had never learned how to curse in shyriiwook so he figured it out through context. "Trust me. Triflora is bioluminescent, so you'll know it's the real deal when you see it. Just don't touch it. The numbing properties used for medicine are really painful in it's raw form." The plant also had the ability to consume and overtake other plants, but Silas kept silent about that feature and hoped it wasn't the wookie's intention. His buyer stared at Silas for another long moment while the uncomfortable Hapan looked around the room to ensure they still had their privacy. The wookie finally pulled out a datapad, punching in a few codes until Silas received the notification of his payment. The wookie growled after Silas gave him the cylinder, still unsure, but it finally made it's way out of the booth and began to leave the cantina.

Silas let himself breath. The deal was done and now he had at least enough credits to last a few weeks. He could feel his burdens slightly lifted, like the breeze was blowing on the world again. With a little more peace and calm than he arrived with, Silas decided to take the time to grab a drink at the bar. He had been running himself ragged and maybe some relaxation would suit him nicely. He looked around, seeing a plethora of interesting, strange, unknown faces. At the entrance, passing by the large wookie, Silas caught the very familiar sight of red armor and dropped his drink as it shattered it on the floor.

“Listen.” Silas started to say, before the figure had even turned to him. “Don’t worry, I was on my way back.”

“Get back on the ship.” The voice was modulated underneath red helmet, but the hard voice of Roan Kenari was unmistakable.

“Now, we can both do business...” Silas said, but the bounty hunter grabbed him by the arm and started towards the door. “Hey! I’m walking.” He yanked his arms free. “You know, helping you ought doesn’t pay very much. Which is ridiculous, given how much you charge.” The bounty hunter stopped so fast that Silas almost collided into the blaster on his back.

“I told you to stay out of sight.” Roan said. “We’re going back to the ship.” There wasn’t a question. There never was with Roan. The pair of them moved out into the streets, bulky speeders soaring past as blue-skinned Duros and pale Chandrilans hawked from market carts. Silas diligently followed, despite the annoyance burning the back of his throat. In the past eight years, Roan Kenari had become one of the more notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy and Silas couldn’t get a moment away from him.

Two years ago, the pair had met on the space station far out in the rim called SixStar Station. Silas had just landed and noticed the increasingly well-known red armor. Robust yet bulky, it was an amalgamation of Imperial, Mandolorian, and Cilare armor with enough wear, scratches, and attachments that it had clearly served Roan long before his mercenary career. When he had exited security custom, Silas was the only person that could notice that he was still armed with a hidden holdout blaster, two sonic grenades, a holorod, wrist-mounted stun fluid projectiles, and rocket attachments on his boots.

“How’d the meeting go?” Silas hurried to move to Roan’s Side. “We’re moving awfully fast.” The mercenary stayed quiet. ”Are we headed off world?” Silas could see the hanger in the distance, a small white cathedral looking space port standing tall over a sprawling market. “My meeting went better.”
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The Siren Song Empty Too Much Drink

Post by Stillwater on Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:25 pm

He hadn’t decided where he would go yet, or if it was worth going to the markets at all. The elixir wasn’t granting him foresight to any particular area, for likely buyers. Perhaps something was clouding his senses, or perhaps there just weren’t any people interested in his merchandise. He sighed and looked down at his glass, the third one in less than an hour; not much remained beneath the large cube of ice in the bottom. The elixir only allowed him to connect to the Force with the presence of alcohol, the more he drank, the deeper his experience became. But, if he imbibed too much of the fine whiskey, he would lose the benefits of his extract, and be reduced to a drunken slob... and that absolutely didn’t help him make his sales.

Sorocor debated just making his way down to the local cantina and using his temporary abilities to persuade someone to just buy him a few more rounds until he had enough to drink that the alcohol numbed the effects of the elixir. He closed his eyes and focused, as tempting as that was, he hated wasting his precious elixirs, there had to be a buyer out there...


He sipped the last sip from his glass. He closed his eyes again, and focused, feeling that last little bit of alcohol tick up his Force awareness ever so slightly. Still nothing. He hurled the glass, smashing it on the far wall of his cabin and grabbed the bottle. He stormed out of his cabin and proceeded to pace around his ship, taking large swings from the bottle and cursing the Force out loud for not providing a customer.

This went on for some time, and the bottle got lower and lower. He could no longer stay connected to the Force, but every few minutes, a powerful surge would wash over him. Sorocor always hated this part, the part where he was to inebriated to used the Force, but he could feel it so strongly, and for a moment he seemed to know everything. Then the next moment he would be tripping over his own feet.

He stumbled back into his cabin with the empty bottle, he needed more if he was going to completely numb that wasted elixir. He opened his cabinet and reached in aimlessly, knocking over his collection of rare whiskies. As he began to fly into a drunken rage, a wave of Force broke through... he left the fallen bottles where they fell, and used the Force to hustle his mattress to the other end of the cabin. Under the mattress was a small metal locker that contained his blaster.

Sorocor removed his blaster and examined both of them as his vision blurred. If only there were two... he stood up and smashed into the wall, nearly collapsing on the floor. Then he regained his footing and lumbered as fast as he could off the ship.

He charged off his ship, into the hanger. As he stumbled off the ramp, he waved the blaster around wildly, yelling “For sale! Blaster for sale!”
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The Siren Song Empty Re: The Siren Song

Post by Roan Kenari Yesterday at 11:00 pm

Silas was gripped by the shoulder and being used as a ram by Kenari to get through the crowd. They pushed past Rodian traders and groups of Duros with long robes and he could see the bounty hunter was heading straight towards the hanger. Silas tried to keep his eyes forward to scan the crowd, hoping he’d spot whoever Roan appeared to be escaping from. He ran though a large Dug in the middle of the row, trying to open his mouth to apologize before slamming into a scaly Trandoshan.

“Watch it!” It hissed as they stormed past. A few scattered voices were picking up. Silas knew that Roan saw the disruption they were making, which made him more nervous about who was following them. Neither of them slowed down, getting closer to the edge of the marketplace and the hanger entrance.

Silas could start to hear commotion from behind him, he tried to look back but they were moving through the small bay door of the granite building. His attention was turned back forward with another startling scene. A bearded man was waving a blaster and yelling in the hanger, causing most of the occupants to pour out into side offices. Sparks exploded behind him as Roan’s gloved fist smashed the door controls and sealed them behind an orange metal door. Suddenly, the bounty hunter released Silas and the same hand had a blaster in it before he turned around.

“Get the ship ready.” Roan’s modulated voice said. He was still moving quickly forward, his blaster casually gripped at his side. The next thing Silas knew, he saw Roan tackled the man in the hanger behind a metal cargo pod. Silas ran past them, heading towards the base of the ship.

“If you’re going to use that thing, pal.” Roan said towards the stranger. “Aim it at the door. Then watch out and use cover.”

A huge mechanical whirring sound began to drum out high above them. As they looked up, the crescent mooned hanger bay doors were closing and locking their ships inside.

“You can do something about that, right?” Silas said staring up.

“Because I do everything.” Roan said, a blue light emitting from his wrist. It activated a datapad attached to his armor and as a green light shot out to examine the room.

“Here.” Roan pulled out a hold out blaster from a holster on his thigh armor as a chip came out from the datapad and flew into his hand. He passed both to Silas. “Make yourself useful. I need a better vantage.” Two small rockets ejected from the back of his boot armor and he propelled himself onto the top of the stranger’s ship. He had two pistols out and aimed right as the door as a blue lightsaber sliced into it and began melting the door.
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