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State of the Galaxy

Major Government Affiliations Webp-net-resizeimage-4
The Galactic Alliance
Head of State: Chancellor Galak Eriuda (Female/Muun)
Capital World: Coruscant
Affiliation(s): The major galactic government holding control of the Core and most of the Inner Core. Formidable armed forces and naval presences. Strong economic support, though weak with interplanetary support. Open hostilities with The New Galactic Empire. Allied with The Hapes Consortium.

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The New Galactic Empire
Leader: The Admiral Committee (13 Grand Admirals/Warlords)
Capital World: Geonosis
Affiliation(s): Imperial forces have reorganized in the Outer Rim and have begun launching preliminary expansion and strike forces into Alliance space. They hold a formidable blockade over the southern sectors of the Corellian Run Hyperlane. Strong navel presence and their invasion in 200 ABY of Bothan Space cultivated a powerful Intelligence Network. Declared war against The Galactic Alliance.

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The Mandolorian Empire
Leader: Dion Krissh - Mandolore the Dominator (Male/Human)
Capital World: Mandolore
Affiliation(s): Steadily growing power in their territories, Mandolorian raiders have began testing the borders of The Galactic Alliance. Deadly military strategy and fierce warriors. Cease fire treaty with the Sith Empire.

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The Chiss Ascendancy
Leader: Four Aristocra (House Numera)
Capital World: Csilla
Affiliation(s): None. The isolationist foreign policy of the Chiss have kept them contained within their own region of space. Large naval force and fierce military discipline.

Major Government Affiliations Hapeslogo
The Hapes Consortium
Leader: Queen Mother Alovia Tun’madra (Female/Hapan)
Capital World: Hapes
Affiliation(s): Remaining loyal to the The Galactic Alliance after the dissolve of the Galactic Triumvirate, the Consortium brings a mighty naval force to protect GA space. Open hostilities with The New Galactic Empire.

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The Corellian Independence Network
Leader: Governor-General Sondar Canto (Male/Human)
Capital World: Corellia
Affiliation(s): None. The planetary government of Corellia succeeded from all Galactic governments in 198 ABY and is fully autonomous.
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