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Darth Regnum Os
Darth Regnum Osiren
NAME: Osiren Atwater
FACTION: The Sith Empire
RANK: Sith Acolyte
SPECIES: Echani/Hapan
ALIAS(ES): Darth Regnum, Lord of Wintergarden, The Red Lion of Wrath
AGE: 33
HEIGHT: 1.85 meters

Standing slightly above six feet, Osiren is slender and lean with an athletic build. With silver white hair and blue eyes, his Echani and Hapan heritage is apparent with a vibrant, chiseled face. He does not find pleasure in appearances and nearly always is found in simple, modest dressing or armor, though he has a great love for things of beauty.

Osiren is calm, disciplined in the arts of battle, and far too self-assured. The powers that exist in the galaxy are suggestions or inconveniences to him, and such vanity has been his largest blind spot often enough. He is strong, quick enough, and deadly with a blade, but despite all his brother's lessons and warnings, his tongue is the blade which causes Osiren the most trouble.

Osiren was raised speaking very little in the Echani training center and it seems he is making up for lost time. Prideful, he will run into reckless abandon if his honor is questioned. He is temperamental and callous, but seeks for justice and never cruelty. Those who gain his respect will be guarded and treasured by Osiren for life, though he excels at driving other's away.

Very talented in the art of swordsmanship and marital arts. He is an above average space pilot and, despite his better judgement, has learned a number of leadership talents and skills from his father. He has a passive capability through the Force for limited battle precognition, unaware of it, but aiding him in nearly every battle.

Darth Regnum Armor


Helena Clarmore was a fiercely proud Echani warrior, given to the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium for the good favor of the Clan Lazari’s relationship with the world. She served as one of the Queen Mother’s protector for nearly two decades, becoming both guardian and confidant. In her third year of service, she found herself caught in the devilish politics of the cluster when she was wed as a part of an alliance for the crown, giving her hand to Vixent Atwater, one of the few men in the Hapes system with true power. Leader of the Hapan Bloodline and House given lordship and domain over Rylore’s Keep far south of the main continent, with large hosts of land, stores of treasures, and able bodied workers, farmers, and fighters. He was a stern man, dangerous, and sharp. The night before the ceremony, Helena was brought before the Queen Mother and told that though the man was not cruel, but it was not an order she would command unless Helena consented to the arrangement.

“You must remain vigilant.” The Queen Mother has said, “for your life will be arduous with such a man. He’s a krayt dragon, but power and your desires will be laid at your feet each and every night like pearls.” Helena agreed and the next day, the two were wed outside the Queen Mother’s retreat in the Gardens of Garrinfall. Less than two months, Helena was pregnant with her first child.

When Osiren was born, the silver hair he bore from his mother made him a marvel to the children in the palace. His first years were spent under the care of those that served the Queen Mother, until his own mother convinced Lord Atwater that he should be raised and learn the ways of the Echani, so he might become a strong, disciplined man and warrior. His father relented and when Osiren was six, he was sent to live with his mother’s clan on Eshan. There he learned the self-reliance and self-expression of the Echani forms, trained each day in the ways of Echani martial arts, and as he grew, so did his seemingly endless prowess with vibroswords. When he was twenty-two years old, he finally returned to the Hapes Cluster, only to find a younger brother being raised alone by his father and the news that his mother had died two years ago.

It took a week for Lord Atwater to convince Osiren to venture from his bedchambers, his father explaining that his mother was taken quick by an illness and, though he had tried, no message had made it’s way to Osiren. With little other options, Osiren resigned to remaining within the cluster, helping his father command Rylore’s Keep, as stories began to spread across the land of his adventures. Some spoke of him as a silver-haired angel, protecting those below his station with honor and others painted the images of demons and devils riding alongside Osiren. In battles, men fell to him with ease as though his skill and luck took form solely from his own desire.

As Cain Atwater, his younger brother, became a man, he had his own obsession with books and old holovids as Osiren learned to love blades. There were some stories which Osiren yearned for his brother to retell him when that sat and supped together. Those of the Jedi and Sith. The pair would often travel through through the Consortium dealing with their father’s business and bidding, but finally Cain had convinced their father that the power of House Atwater would not be contained within a system. It would stretch out to the stars, carried upon the backs of his children. Later that night, Cain admitted his own selfish reasons for the deal was to explore the galaxy, seeing all it’s wonder for himself. Although Osiren laughed, he thought it was a good plan. A way for them to move out into the galaxy and for him to make his own name in the stars.

- Lord Vixent Atwater - Father
- Cain Atwater - Brother



Darth Regnum
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Sith Acolyte
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