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Post by HoloNet Access on Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:28 pm

Roleplay Guide and Information
Roleplay Guide and Information Holonetrp
It's time to join the galaxy far, far away and make your own adventures! We welcome any level of experience and have outlined a simple guide to help new RPers get started and explain our own system to experienced members.

Here are a few terms and tricks used for roleplay:
In-character (IC): This describes whenever you speak from the perspective of your character, not as an actual person outside of the site. Threads and forums will denote if you are supposed to speak in-character or not.
Out-of-character (OOC): This can be used to signal that you are no longer speaking in character. When roleplaying, please keep OOC conversation to a minimal and keep OOC discussion in Wild Space.
God-modding: This is when you do not give your character any type of weakness, allow any type of negative event happen to them, or prevent them from any injury. God-modding is not allowed and moderators will contact you if they notice it.
Metagaming: Metagaming is when information that is learned OOC and used IC. If you have learned information regarding the plot of your current roleplay in a discussion, but it would be unknown to your character, then you cannot use it.
Non-player Character (NPC): NPCs dominated the massive Star Wars galaxy. These are characters which are not controlled by a single member. Members are able to add as many NPCs as they would like, however canon characters are only allowed used with permission from the site's staff.

The main thing to keep in mind is to be realistic, be kind, and have fun
More information can be found at the New Member Guide and Site Rules

Roleplay Types and Locations

Events: Events are created and run by the site staff or major factions. Information regarding new Events can be found in HoloNet Transmissions and events take place here. You must have permission to join in or create an Event.

Adventures: These roleplays allow anything and everything to happen in them, within the site's rules. Any member can create a new roleplay here. You can post in HoloNet Transmissions to find a group, create a new topic, or join a roleplay here. Posts here are considered canon to the site, unless otherwise noted.

Location Roleplay: Throughout Legends of the Force, there are a number of designated, pre-made locations created for members to roleplay at. SixStar Station hosts a number of RP locations, the Sith have many on their world of Angkor, and the Jedi can find spots on their world of Zian. Read the location carefully, making sure it would be realistic for your character to be there. Any roleplays that are not concluded will be considered finished.

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