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SixStar Station Sixstarstation

When SixStar Station was made in 127 ABY, it's functions had little to do with intergalactic events. In orbit above the gas giant TX-1121, the large space station was created by Alpha Sierra Mining Corporation as a base of operations and longterm housing for crew in the Bajic Sector. Hidden on the fringes of the Outer Rim and Wild Space, the station operated with little interference by the Galactic Triumvirate and most criminal parities. The living spaces were homely, if not comfortable as well as excellently maintained and supplied by Alpha Sierra. It housed and was operated by a crew of approximately 12,000 until 168 ABY. Financial troubles hit the company and many of their Outer Rim operations were closed down, including SixStar Station, which was abandoned. Through the next two decade, a few space pirates took residence in the space station's shell, some smugglers used it as a meeting point, and a few colonies even attempted to take root there. The station began to deteriorate, vital equipment broke down and SixStar Station became a ghost.
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In 188 ABY, the station found a new owner in Remy Viola who immediately began a total overhaul and renovation. Viola saw the increase in interest in this long-deserted section of space and began to coordinate his own ways to profit from it. The derelict station was soon housing treasures that filled Viola's expensive taste. Storage facilities became outlandish nightclubs, the administration block transformed into large, corporate sectors, and every spot was decorated with high-tech, lavish, and extravagant decor. The only remanent of it's past was a Biodome near the bottom of the station that Viola had carefully reconstructed. Once complete, the research section and maintenance of the Biodome was sold to Czerka Corporation for a hefty reward. Like Czerka, many corporations and governments pay careful attention to SixStar Station, but nothing happens without Remy Viola's approval. He was at the table when the Jedi Order met with Darth Cadamor for their historic truce agreement. SixStar Station has become one of the most important locations in recent galactic events, hiding beneath a den of sin in space.

Sith Imperial Embassy
Jedi Initiation Chamber
SixStar Sin
Officer's Iniquity Cantina
Czerka Corporation Biodome
Interstellar Bazaar
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