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Post by Stillwater on Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:47 pm

Name: Sorocor Dathis

Faction: Unallied

Rank: Galactic citizen

Species: Human, Male

Birth year: 160 ABY

Sorocor dresses to fit in with whatever local he finds himself in. Often, those surroundings are a bit shady, but he keeps a wardrobe for more upscale areas and will adjust his appearance based on what he thinks might increase his odds of making a sale. His dull blue eyes contrast his short black hair and beard, for now. The signs of age are creeping upon him, and sprinkling him with grey.

Personality: Sorocor mostly wanders alone, not settling in one place too long. He makes his living by selling concoctions that he claims will unlock Force Powers for any who venture to try them. While he possesses the skill and knowledge to actually make such things, he uses far cheeped ingredients and the tonics he peddles are not what he claims they are. He uses his skills to create potions that grant him limited use of the Force for the purpose of persuading customers to buy these fakes. For this reason, he moves quickly from one place to another, as it doesn’t take long for the locals to realize he is a cheat. Despite his charismatic appearance in whatever market he might land in, Sorocor prefers to be quiet and alone.

Ship: Cothinker, a small cargo ship. It is small enough to fly with only Sorocor, but it was intended for a three person crew. Sorocor uses his ship to move between worlds, and transport the small amount of real goods he carries on occasion.

Bio: Sorocor was raised on Gafa, a poor colony in the outer rim. His father was a functioning alcoholic, his drink of choice was always Cothinker. He was ashamed of his habit, but he would say, Gafa was just so sad, and the Cothinker would take him away to a better place.

In his early teen years, Sorocor found himself drinking with his father as the only way to spend time with him. However, even for seasoned drinkers, Cothinker was hard to drink. Sorocor began to put herbs into his drinks to take the edge off. One day, while drinking with his father, Sorocor suggested that his father stop drinking and spend more time with his family. He continued, suggesting that his father’s time would be better spent teaching him how to make his way in life.

After that night, his father never drank again, Sorocor wasn’t sure what had happened, but he knew his simple suggestion was not enough to break his father’s habit. His father took him into the markets the next day, and taught him how to trade. His father was not a particularly gifted sales man, but he managed to direct his energy to bettering his family, though, on Gafa, that didn’t mean much.

As Sorocor got older, he began to understand why his father had turned to drinking. One day, he noticed a merchant had a small cargo ship he was selling. Though it was old and beat up, the price was way more than he could dream to afford. But he knew that ship was his chance to get off this world. He tried to barter with the merchant, but the man wouldn’t budge from his asking price. After trying for several days to persuade the merchant to part with his vessel, he remembered the night he seemed to effortlessly turn his father from his stubborn habit. Sorocor got a bottle of Cothinker, and tried to recall what herbal combination he had used that night to dull the horrible taste. Unsure of what it was, he tried a lot of different recipes.

Finally, after the entire bottle was consumed, he stumbled to the markets and found the merchant, and, though he couldn’t recall what he said, the next thing he remembered was waking up on the floor of the cockpit of the ship. He had all the appropriate papers and had apparently bought the ship for only a week’s pay.

He let his parents know he was getting off-world and left that day. He didn’t really have a plan, but he knew Gafa would never bring success to anyone. He named his ship Cothinker, as he left to a better place.

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