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Axis of Empires - Registration Thread Empty Axis of Empires - Registration Thread

Post by Emperor Cadamor on Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:15 pm

Axis of Empires
The Dark Lord of the Sith, King of Angkor, Emperor of the reborn Sith Empire.
Rumors through Angkor claim Emperor Cadamor has sent initiative to all members of the Empire.
Effective immediately. Violence and targeting of the New Jedi Order on Zian is strictly forbidden.
There had been disagreeing voices. The Dark Lord silenced them.
There is a new age. One of fragile peace. Balanced between the Force.

In orbit above the jungle world of Angkor, the main host of the Sith Empire has congregated under the order of the Dark Lord of the Sith. Emperor Cadamor has commanded pledges of fealty from those loyal to the Empire, enforcing his control as his order establishes a new peace with the Jedi, and Sith from across his dominion have come to his flagship, Echoes of Eternities. Stations throughout the massive vessel have been designated for dignitaries, decorated warriors, and festivities for all those who serve him. Post below if you are interested or for discussion of the thread. The original post will be up once registration begins.
Emperor Cadamor
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Sith Emperor
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