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Angkor - Capital World of The Sith Empire Empty Angkor - Capital World of The Sith Empire

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Angkor - Capital World of The Sith Empire Angkor
An unknowing galaxy shaped the Angkorian Empire.

Planet Name: Angkor
Demonym: Angkorian
Region: Wild Space
System Name: Angkor System
System Features:
Planet(s) - Angkor, Cruxar, Zarrimbar
Moon(s) - Belix (Angkor), Xao (Cruxar), Bii (Cruxar), Hilo (Cruxar), Manda (Zarrimbar)

Angkor - Capital World of The Sith Empire Ff

Nexus Name:
Basic: Force Nexus of Angkor
Angkorian: Krin’desh
Nexus Alignment: Dark
Size: Planetary
Strength: Strong
Effects: The Force Nexus of Angkor exudes the Dark Side of the Force, seeping through the entire planet. The power of the Sith grows easy on the world, it’s power stirring both anger and strength. Drawing closer to the source of the Force Nexus on Scardia II, those connected to the Force are overcome with an aura of fear or even visions of Sith spirits. Near it’s core, many Sith have connected or unlocked powers of the Dark Side never touched before.

Native Species: Angkorian
Immigrated Species: Various
Population: Moderate/24 million
60% Angkorian
22% Human
10% Zabrak
5% Devaronian
3% Various
Primary Languages: Galactic Basic, Angkorian
Culture: [IN PROGRESS]
Major Imports: Durasteel, machinery, mineral fuels, tabanna gas, irolunn gas
Major Exports: Kyber crystals, ionite ore, major freighters, burri fruits, gems, precious metals, organic chemicals

Name: The Angkorian Empire
Affiliation: The Sith Empire
Wealth: Moderate - High
Stability: High
Freedom & Oppression: The Angkorian people have a strict caste system. Slavery is prohibited, but there are vast gaps of power between classes. The God-Emperor of Angkor is worshipped by the native populace, even his cruelest demands are met with fearful obedience. The rise of the Sith Empire and religion has grown personal liberty throughout the planet. Umb’ar, the local warrior caste of Angkor, act as city defense and enforcement, supporting Sith when needed.

Military: The Fortress world of the Sith Empire with heavy defenses. An iron clad blockade of Sith Naval forces protects and patrols the system. The Angkorian natives have adapted to the dense jungle world and have become dangerous trackers, hunters, and predators. The might of the reborn Sith Order, the war on world of Angkor is a death sentence for their enemies.
Technology: Galactic Standard

Far out in the outer rim, the world of Angkor was born into the shadows of space. Thousands of years ago on this wild paradise world, far from the eyes of the Old Republic, the Angkorian Empire was born. The red skinned native species formed a mighty Empire spanning the dangerous world, built on bloody battles and long wars. The great Angkorian rulers built large cities of wood and stone, temples, castles, towers, fortresses until the planet teemed with their glory. Ummitat Vin'in'dora was the first of their lords to tame the Shadowscale, the huge predator of Angkor and flew into battle on it's wing and became the Keeper of Kingdoms. Those in his line ruled for five thousand years, each with their own monster to keep their peace and power.
Angkor - Capital World of The Sith Empire Building_1
The Angkorian Empire flourished. Alone in the galaxy, the Angkorian were only discovered three times by scouts and hyperlane pilots. Two were executed and the third was killed in the jungle. During the time of the Galactic Inquisition, a powerful warrior made a discover high in the world’s mountains. A power source of the Force, Krin’desh was the Force Nexus which awakened something in the warrior. Through the dark power of the Nexus, the Angkorian communed with ancient Sith Lords who shared the secrets of their ancient order. The common folk of Angkor claim the warrior stayed within the cave for months, sustained only by the power of the Dark Side. When the warrior emerged from the cave, he was reborn and proclaimed himself Dark Lord of the Sith.
Angkor - Capital World of The Sith Empire Angkor_1
Darth Cadamor assembled his host and sieged the capital of Teridesh. [IN PROGRESS]
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