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Character Creation Guidelines Empty Character Creation Guidelines

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Character Creation Guidelines

Character Creation Guidelines 45fd3bca-33b0-48d3-95fb-6a2e673fd872

As you create your character for Legends of the Force, there are a few things to keep in mind. There is no standard for what your profile must look like, however there are a few pieces of required information listed below in the profile template. You can add images, add new sections of information, and explore your character however you see fit. Once you've completed your profile, post it as a new topic in the Citizen Database. Once a staff member approves of your profile, you can begin your roleplaying experience!

If you need more information on starting out, make sure to read the New Member Guide and Site Rules!

Character Profile Template

*Name: Your character's name, alias, and/or title.
*Faction: The two major factions are The Jedi Order and The Sith Empire, but other small factions exist for characters as well
*Rank: Characters start as a Galactic Citizen, but are able to grow in rank as they join a faction. Characters without a faction can also request the Galactic Rogue rank.
*Species: Information regarding Star Wars species can be found here. Droid information and designation can also go here.
*Gender: Please list if your character is male, female, transgender, etc.
Birth Year: Information for Legends of the Force timeline can be found here. Please list your birth year, so age can be established depending on when roleplays take place.
Appearance: Include information like your character's height, weight, eye color, hair color, skin tone, and any information that will help describe your character's appearance. Remember your avatar is other member's first impression of how your character looks.
Personality: List information regarding your character's personality. Remember to list both the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Characters with an unreasonable amount of power and no weaknesses will be rejected.
Ship: If your character posses a personal ship, post all necessary information for the vessel here.
Equipment: You can list any essential equipment often found on your character here. Lightsabers, clothing, blasters, or anything they might regularly need.
*Biography: The biography of your character must be at least two paragraphs to be approved. Detail any and all information about your character's history here. For most members, this section is continually growing and evolving as the character's story unfolds.
*Roleplays: Link all roleplays your character has taken place in here. The more organized and detailed, the easier readers can understand your character, enjoy your stories, and other members can look for information.

* - Required information
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