The Force Void Forests

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The Force Void Forests Empty The Force Void Forests

Post by HoloNet Access on Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:03 pm

The Force Void Forests Voidforests

Sitting at the edge of Siega, the surrounding forests are filled with danger, especially to the Sith. Not only due massive predators such as the Vornskr and Terentatek, but greatest threat is the inability to use the Force within the forests. Centuries before a ruler of Angkor had learned that many of the predators within the forests used the powers of the Force to hunt or as sustenance, so he released a large herd of Bavindors, quadruped relatives to the Ysalamir, who negated all uses of the Force around them. This, however, only drove the predators to become more wild, untamable, and dangerous. Now the Sith Imperial Military use the location as a dangerous training ground for new recruits or members of the Empire to test themselves.
The Force Void Forests Forests
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