Sith Chamber of Conclave

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Sith Chamber of Conclave Empty Sith Chamber of Conclave

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Sith Chamber of Conclave Sithchamberconclave

A quiet, hidden chamber deep in the bowels of the Sith Citadeal, the Sith Chamber of Conclave is where Sith hold all ceremonies. Sith Apprentices complete their training here and all Sith revere the chamber as regard it as a place of power and ascension. Ancient Sith runes were inscribed throughout the chamber and the strength of the Dark Side can be felt strongly within it. All announcements or ceremonies may only began under the guidance of a Sith ranked Warrior/Sorcerer or higher.
Sith Chamber of Conclave Chambersith
Only Sith ranked Lord/Lady or Emperor/Empress may promote a member.
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