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The New Sith Academy Empty The New Sith Academy

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The New Sith Academy Sithacademy

Here Sith may seek a master to train them in the ways of the Dark Side. A large wing set in the Sith Citadel, the New Sith Academy was constructed by Darth Cadamor in 195 ABY to train the growing number of Sith recruits. Sections of the academy are equipped for lightsaber training, meditation, and many other tools and resources used to teach Sith.
The New Sith Academy Sith%20academy
Sith members may use this thread to find a Master or Apprentice. A Sith must be accepted into the Empire before beginning training. Masters can teach a Sith a specific lesson, look for an training Sith to take on a mission, or find their own Sith Apprentice to train. A pairing must be approved by a Sith Lord, Lady, Emperor, or Empress. In-character requests are asked to be limited to a single post for the character's entrance, questions, and/or request, until you receive an in-character reply. Out-of-character requests are asked to follow the guideline provided below. Sith Disciples are advised to take an active role on the site, join roleplays and discussions, and get to know other members to increase their chance for approval.

Request Template
Character Name:
Birth Year:
Character Description/Biography: Minimum of two sentences.
Roleplays: Link all roleplays your character has taken place in here.

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