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The Sith Empire Sith
The Force shall free me.

The power of the Sith was temperamental after the fall of the Galactic Triumvirate, small factions rallied together only to be defeated. When the Galactic Inquisition came to the galaxy, there was no formal Sith group to be destroyed, but many of the scattered followers of the Dark Side were hunted and killed. Far beyond the control of the Empire or Alliance, Darth Cadamor began the creation of new, visionary Sith Empire on the forgotten world of Angkor. The new Dark Lord of the Sith had studied and communed with Sith Lords of old and sought to establish a new Empire, seeking dominion over the Dark Side rather than the galaxy. Many felt the call of the Dark Side and in 192 ABY, their new capital world began to transform in a reborn Sith Empire.
The Sith Empire Holonetsith_1
The peace treaty established by the Sith Emperor and Jedi Grandmaster, Darth Cadamor and Cain Isolder, brought conflict into the Empire. Restrictions were placed on Sith as the new Dark Lord sought to grow the power of the Empire and their connection to the Dark Side, not building an army for the destruction of the Jedi and Alliance. A rebellion was raised on Angkor, but within the first night Darth Cadamor found and publicly executed each traitor and reestablished unflinching control. Through the growing military and the newly reformed Church of the Dark Side and it's many acolytes on Angkor, the Sith Empire grows.


The power of the Dark Side calls to every being in the galaxy. On the forgotten world of Angkor, the Sith Empire trains and teaches it's recruits in the Force's mighty power. New Sith Disciples are discovered on SixStar Station before being brought to the capital world to train. The Sith follow different paths of warriors, prophets, soldiers, mystics, and more as they unlock the secrets of the Dark Side.

Become a Sith Disciple!
Seek a Sith Master for Training


Sith Disciple
The Sith Empire Rankimage4_1 The Sith Empire Rankimage3_1
Newly accepted into the Empire, Sith Disciples train in the power of the Dark Side as they begin to serve in the new Sith order. They seek power and knowledge, accepting training from all higher ranking Sith. They may find a Master at the New Sith Academy, but most prove themselves worth of training. Disciples must participate in roleplays, training, and engage with other members of the Empire in order to rise in the ranks.

Sith Apprentice
The Sith Empire Sithapprenticemale_1 The Sith Empire Rankimages5_1
Once a Disciple has found and accepted a Master, they are promoted to Sith Apprentice where they will train under their Master. They are sent on missions, often under the guidance of their Master, and they must learn and grow in the Sith Empire. Training must consist of minimum of two missions and a duel roleplay to be complete, and the final challenge given is the Hardship of Mettle. Similar to the Trials of Skill, Hardships of Mettle are typically, but not limited to, lightsaber duels or a dangerous task where the apprentices must prove themselves capable to serve and defend the Empire.

Sith Acolyte
The Sith Empire Sithacolytemale_1 The Sith Empire Sithacolytefemale_3
With the completion of their training and taking on their Darth title, a Sith Acolyte must now begin their own path in the Empire. They begin service to the Sith Imperial Military or the Church of the Dark Side, where they must accomplish a minimum of two missions for their chosen Order. They must also assist in the training of an Apprentice, through a duel or mission, and endure the Hardship of Agony. This requires the Sith to endure great physical pain, severe loss, or extreme hardship - all of which can also test their commitment to the Empire.

Sith Master
The Sith Empire Sithmastermale_1 The Sith Empire Sithmasterfemale_3
Once accepted into an Imperial Order, a Sith becomes a Master where they work in devotion to their Order and the Empire. They are the soldiers, protectors, and sages of the Empire who grow it's might and influence. A Master must complete a minimum of four missions and train at least one apprentice before being promoted and the Hardship of Audacity must be completed. This Hardship requires the Sith Master to fight in a battle, complete a mission of a low chance of survival, or best a superior, by any means necessary, in a battle of mind/Force/blade.

Sith Warrior/Sorcerer
The Sith Empire Sithwarriormale_1 The Sith Empire Sithwarriorfemale_1
The Sith Empire Sithsorcerermale_1 The Sith Empire Sithsorcererfemale_1
As they rise in power, Sith further their studies in different paths. Sith Warriors are skilled in lightsaber combat, strategies, power, and control while Sorcerers are mystics, prophets, alchemists, and study all powers of the Dark Side. Their powers have grown within their Order and they are expected to be an active in missions, training, and the Empire. They must train two apprentices before being considered for promotion. They must also complete the most difficult Hardship of them all- the Hardship of Breaking. The Hardship of Breaking requires a Sith to look deep inside themselves with the Force. Sometimes additions will be thrown into the mix based on the Sith's history that might lure them into a near-psychotic state. This can often be a traumatic experience for the Sith and is very dangerous.

Sith Lord/Lady
The Sith Empire Sith%20lord%20fixed_1 The Sith Empire SithladyFIXED
Leaders of the Sith Empire. They are the most powerful members of the Sith Empire, who guide and shape the Imperial Orders and members. They create and lead Imperial missions, train Sith, and follow the commands of the Emperor/Empress.

Sith Emperor/Empress
The Sith Empire Rank2 The Sith Empire Rank
The sole voice of power in the Sith Empire. The Emperor/Empress must be named by their predecessor or given a majority vote by the Sith Lords and Ladies. Their decisions shape the Empire and their word is final.

The Sith Empire Sithorders

Sith Imperial Military

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

The mighty military arm of the Sith Empire. Filled with the strongest, most skilled warriors made with the Dark Side and it's powerful fleet. Soldiers, captains, generals, and all those who protect the Sith Empire. The Sith Imperial Military control the massive, southern territories on Angkor and become a more deadly force by the day. Many officers believe in a traditional view of the superiority of the Dark Side and Sith practices, the original Sith Code still proudly displayed throughout the barracks on Angkor.

Request to join the Sith Imperial Military here!

Church of the Dark Side

I find power with the darkness.
I find stillness with the shadows.
I find passion with the Sith
I am infinite with the Force.

Where followers of the Dark Side study all aspects of the Force, growing in it's mystical powers. Prophets seek the secrets of the future, alchemist study and create physical manifestations of the Force, sages seek new powers and understandings of the Dark Side, and all followers believe in a universal, all-connecting Force. Many radicals, Sith Sorcerers, and those desiring a new path for the Sith join this reborn Order.

Request to join the Church of the Dark Side here!

SixStar Station - Join the Sith Empire here
The Sith Citadel
Teridesh - Sith Capital City
Siega - Sith Military City
Scardia II - Church of the Dark Side City
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