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Post by HoloNet Access on Sat Jun 16, 2018 9:34 pm

The Legion of Light Legion1
The Legion of Light is the peacekeeping force of the Jedi Order. Most Jedi Guardians find their path leads to the Legion where they can use their skills as a warrior to protect the innocent. Based in New Aurora, a city made deep within the frozen caves of Zian, the Legion defend the Order and seek justice through the galaxy. The Legion of Light provides the military support and defense needed to sustain the Jedi Order in the far Outer Rim. Many in the Legion strive to use the light to defeat and destroy the dark and it's minions, and in times of peace carefully protect.
The Legion of Light Legionholo
The Force is my guide.
The Force is my peace.
The Force is my spirit.
The Force is my weapon.
The Force is my light.
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