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Legion of Light Temple Legiontemple

The Jedi warriors, peacekeepers, and guardians, the Legion of Light is the large Jedi Class committed to the destruction of the Dark Side of the Force. Deep underground the frozen world of Zian, the Legion of Light have built a military city called New Aurora, where recruits can find their secure temple. The Legion of Light stripped away many of the mysticism of the old Jedi Order and their temple reflects more of Rebel Alliance base or military instillation. Those that seek to join their Class must come to the temple, prepared to undergo extreme training and dangerous tests. Only those with a firm commitment to the Light are considered.
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Members who wish to join the Legion of Light may post below, but the approval process can only begin once the member has achieved the Jedi Steward rank. In-character requests are asked to be limited to a single post for the character's entrance, questions, and/or request, until you receive an in-character reply. Out-of-character requests are asked to follow the guideline provided below. Legion of Light hopefuls are advised to take an active role on the site, join roleplays and discussions, and get to know other members to increase their chance for approval. Non-Legion members may also post comments, questions, and concerns both in-character or out-of-character in this thread.

Request Template
Character Name:
Birth Year:
Character Description/Biography: Minimum of two sentences.
Roleplays: Link all roleplays your character has taken place in here.

More Information About The Legion of Light
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